i go to work like a docta

what is about men who want to be cared for by women? who are still suckling at the teat of their mothers as though they are 8 months old? there are two young men i know who don’t work. both are of age and have chosen NOT to go to work. the one watches his mother rise each morning, prepare and catch the bus or drive to the park and ride. he lays about all day, doesn’t feed the dog, wash dishes, take out the trash or clean the house. the mother, who didn’t do the best job of preparing her son to compete in this global economy, berates him and has threatened to put him out. she has a new man and he is less than impressed with this grown adult living under his mother’s roof and doing absolutely nothing. now, i’m not impressed with dude but that ain’t my business. what is my business is whether or not this young man will feed into my retirement fund or if i’m gonna have to sell these cookies to fund my future. just kidding friends, a little levity never hurt anyone.

i got a job at 16. had never interviewed before or filled out an application but there i was, at the mall w/my besties applying for a job. white shirt, navy or black pants, black shoes, hat and apron. worked there over a year then worked at another place in the mall for a year before starting college. worked in college too. this young man isn’t enrolled in college, claiming he or rather they can’t afford it. huh? do you know how many people fund college with loans, work study, restaurant jobs? but he can’t be bothered with that. cell phone is periodically cut off but no matter, his mother will pay that bill too.

that brings me to the next young man. he is close to me in age and working is not of interest to him, in the way that croquet or needlepoint is not of interest to me. he has one talent though: finding women willing to allow him to lay up in their homes and do nothing. that’s not exactly true. i suspect that they are given the gift of his presence in whatever forms that may take so there is some measure of transaction.

in some ways one could say he got it honest. unlike the first young man, he didn’t watch his mother rise daily and prepare for another day at the office. at some point that excuse grows old.

i wonder, how do these woman do it? the mother who attempts to use shame, withholding meals, and a heavy, in the form her her man, to cajole her son into working. the other woman (married, mind you) who is settling or this man who is also married and doesn’t work. what can he offer her if he ain’t working?  (dick in a box is not a gift friends.)

and people wonder why i am single. if this is what is available, broke ass men who won’t work, look for a mark to lay up on, are married and creeping, then i will remain single with my coins in my purse, no baby daddies, and a clean bill of health.

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