those women

i started a post a few days ago about colorism and what i perceive to be the destruction of our personhood as black people, but i was distracted by a more pressing issue that i am fighting through: justice over fear. at the age of 34 my mother was married with 5 kids. she told […]

enemies of progress

i shared last week that i am in counseling and i truly believe that when i made the decision to seek help, to be vulnerable and transparent, that the hounds of hell were unleashed. these are the internal whispers, the mental taunts, the unseen forces that prevent me from pursuing my gift due to self-doubt. […]

it’s been a minute

so i’ve been away for awhile living, struggling, battling on all fronts. then tonight i gave in and watched brene brown, the call to courage. as she told the last story about the dread her daughter felt as she prepared to swim the 100 yard breaststroke, how she considered skipping the heat, but showed up […]

what is diversity fatigue?

diversity fatigue. i was introduced to this concept last month while attending a leadership and diversity conference. when i heard this term i thought it meant, “it’s tiring being a person of color.” and it is. i flip on the tv or scroll through my favorite social media platform and learn of yet another black person […]

mastering the art of communication

i like to think i’m an effective communicator, verbal, written, and in part, ASL. many years ago in college speech class, i learned that effective communication is 93% non-verbal (55% body language/non-verbal cues, 38% tone of voice) and 7% what is said. this was reinforced in the communication segment of the PMBOK and one of […]

things no one tells you: protect your IP

there are things no one will tell you, things you just find out “on accident” about how the compound interest works, how corporate america works, why it’s important to comb your hair out completely, BEFORE washing it, after taking out your braids. but the latter is another topic for another post. i’ve decided that it […]

do you know who i am?

i work with someone who once stood before a group of veeps and verbalized “if you’re asking who is responsible, i guess that means i’m not doing my job.” this person later stated, “i don’t have good ideas, but i can implement someone else’s” and went on to indicate that project management is not of […]

update your playbook

the question for today is: how do i make the game work for me? the system is rigged and it’s not in our favor. almost without exception white males and white females will be hired, promoted, groomed, and selected for special projects before or instead of a black female. the reasons are simple: we are […]

help wanted

Job postings should read: Who we are We are a diverse group of professionals providing mission critical services to multi-national companies around the globe. We believe in giving back and paying it forward. Our senior leadership team is comprised of talented individuals with extensive experience in creating wealth for themselves as well for the corporation. […]

someday is now

ok. so i’ve been absent. mia. gone. i’ve been in my feelings, procrastinating, complaining. i’ve also been talking, alot. about everything i should’ve been writing. the ass kicker arrived in a white cardboard box with transparent packing tape and chinese characters. inside that box were my business cards. the cards that match this site. the […]