even me

Success is not reserved for those born with their lips wrapped around the proverbial silver spoon. Success is available to those who reach out and grab it. To those who are willing to take the chance, to be disciplined, to TRY harder daily, to press in, to never forget their why. Venturing out into a new place, to a place you don’t know, to the place God will show you, will snap the chains unleashing your creativity; it will replace inertia with energy and your mind will explode with possibility. I must leave the familiar regularly and surround myself with those who are on the same road. I must break the cycles of discouragement and disillusionment and pursue my destiny.

Success differs for each person. Maybe for you it’s becoming CEO, veep, director. Or launching a non-profit or a restaurant. Maybe it’s owning where you live, or what you drive. Whatever it is, pursue it, chase it down until you catch it, then let that “kick” propel you forward past that dream and watch the next one appear on the horizon and run until you close the distance, until it’s within reach. The wind will blow, the sun will beat down and beads of sweat will form on your forehead, your breathing will be labored but keep running. Do not stop. You can and you will arrive at the horizon. It’s not a mirage. The destiny for your life is within reach.

There’s a song in my playlist called Even Me:

Lord I hear of showers of blessings
Thou art scattering full and free
Showers of thirsty souls refreshing
Let some drops now fall on me
Even me

This song is a beautiful reminder that God is blessing everyday and you need only ask Him, place yourself in the path of the blessings He already has for you. Not a pocketful, a handful, but a bushel, overflowing, just for you and me. Even me.

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