on the horizon

there’s a rage that smolders every evening and is a roaring flame by morning as i prepare to drive an hour or more to work and watch as a pass is afforded to white males allowed to switch positions after 7 months, not subject to the 12 month rule; to white females promoted three times in less than 24 months; to the secretive chatter between HR, veeps and the sveep trying desperately to prevent a young white up and comer from leaving the company.  all this yet my ascension to director in just over a year was run through the SENATORS for approval. daily the inequity and injustice simmers, like a pot roast inside a pressure cooker, daring me to remove the lid.

after an hour plus in traffic, each way, i ease into the garage and switch on ROKU searching hulu and netflix for series or movies with people who look like me, tell stories that resonate with me, a comedy that makes me laugh from start to finish. and i’m hard pressed to find even one that doesn’t portray the SBF as a sexual vixen, black men as drug dealers and thieves, or pastors who pimp the pulpit. i recognize that if the content isn’t written, it cannot be produced.

imagine a story, a series, a movie where the world is upside down or right-side up. where black people are the rule, not the exception. where shows like friends, seinfeld, will and grace, family ties are centered around black people and white people are the tokens.  finding media that presents shows that speak to my sensibilities, my longings, my fears, my vision of love and family.

after working in white corporate america for 50-60 hours a week, i need a reprieve. an escape in my imagination where singleness isn’t a disease, where blackness is embraced, where women aren’t objectified, where sports analogies are replaced with intelligent metaphors. where i can rock braids, locs, coils, an afro and be the final decision maker. where women in leadership is the norm; entering a conference room and seeing four women and two men and no one thinks one of the two men rank highest. a corporation where HR seeks talented people of color for director-level and above positions. where HR isn’t an ineffective joke.

i’m currently working on an idea for a series. it’s in the fledgling stages and daily bit and pieces come to me. my imagination running away with me, transporting me to a land where my rage is relegated to the mundane things that other cultures fuss over: dating, finding a decent sushi restaurant, and fighting with the HOA to install a birdbath in the front yard.


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