bridge building

i was promoted recently to director and i was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from my fellow black colleagues. one brotha passed me and grabbed my hand, told me he was proud of me, that i am one few black directors in the company. i received email after email from brothas and sistas telling […]


in corporate life when there is a debacle of epic proportions (think: Volkswagen) and senior leadership enters the scene, the guilty party blends into the crowd and joins in the scapegoat search. most often the scapegoat does not resemble those at fault giving the story plausibility. blame is shifted, history is revised, and the unsuspecting […]

expectations vs reality

the other day i was talking with a friend about expectations, how we believe that a job well done will be compensated based on performance. we bust our asses meeting deliverables, wiggling through knotholes, fighting fires our leadership has set due to poor planning, and when the time comes for promotion or bonus, we are […]

good morning gentlemen

being female is exhausting. it’s not just the monthly visit from Aunt Flo, the accompanying mood swings, the oil slick on my forehead by noon (this is daily). it’s the steady drip of tomASSfoolery that dulls my sensibility to behave with couth requiring me to release the Kraken. today’s winner of the tomASSfoolery award is […]

agents of change

I’ve been meaning to talk with you, he said, as I was exiting the double doors of the conference room. My chest swelled. This senior executive wanted to talk with me? I responded, Sure thing.  And then he said, Can you arrange for a few Super Shuttles to take us to dinner tonight?  Shaking off […]

balance of power

there is a balance in this country that the established power structure will protect until their dying breath.  people seem to think that having had a black president means that we have arrived, but they fail to realize that the power elite beneath and beside him were by and large, not people of color. i’ll […]

PIMP certification

recently an email from a senior leader was sent to several of the staff and in it i was referred to as “project management support” for a white colleague who brazenly stated that he is “not a project manager.”  Support. Me. The one with the certification. The one with 15 years of experience in the […]

gold in them hills

i am often on back-to-back calls with only the noon hour free leaving me little time to eat or gather myself before the next hour of inane chatter, accountability dodging, and rounds of stump the dummy.  last week was no exception.  on this particular day i dashed to my third conference call of the morning […]

afro twins activate!

i have bad days too. i’m not sure what vibe i give off, perhaps the smile people have come to expect me to wear leads them to believe that every day is butterflies and roses. friday was not that day. i was racing to a meeting, ill prepared, and ran into a colleague. because i […]

fire prevention

we are arsonists.  that’s a phrase i heard from an executive at a company for  which i once worked.  he was right.  we create our own issues, problems, troubles, and when the flicker becomes an inferno we call in the fire department to douse the flames. senior executives are masterful at creating such chaos. candles […]