bombs away

today was rough. so rough that i won’t even bother using correct capitalization.  i’m dealing with designers who blow off deadlines, software and hardware developers who blow off deadlines and a stakeholder who blows off her own damned meeting.  yet i’m expected to keep cool, be politically correct, and take one for the team.  i’m trying not to drop the f-bomb but really?  F that.

if you have questions about what is expected, effing ASK!  don’t just leave the meeting wondering WTF you’re supposed to do and then tell me, i don’t have enough time to get this done.

on to the evening…our second softball game.  now, our coach told us that numbers are required for the first game.  he told us they won’t let us take the field without them.  our first game was rained out so technically we had a full week to get numbers on our jerseys.  but he was on vacation.  oh, and those designers i mentioned?  yea, they were supposed to design an EFFING logo.  i saw their first effort today.  uh, gentleman, this is game TWO.  and why didn’t we have numbers?  why was someone bringing blue tape so we could tape numbers to our back?  and why did the umpire say, “you’ve already started 5 minutes late, you don’t have numbers, it’s a forfeit.”  F.

so we play 3 innings, they crush us with like 6 runs, and then the ominous clouds rolled in like puffy billows of black smoke.  no sooner had we left the field and gathered our belongings did the skies open and send down pelts from heaven with mad fury.

needless to say, my effort at not using the F word isn’t working out so well.

time for a bath, a beer, and a good book.

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