no no no notorious

so i’m notoriously late. for just about everything. i’d say it’s because i’m apathetic about work, church, and dealing with certain folk. but the shit i want to do, that’s what i’m on time for. catching a plane, a movie, getting to the cleaners before they close…that’s the shit i care about. the rest of this stuff has hit the ridiculous level.

take for instance church tonight. i get a text this morning around 8am, “rehearsal is at 630p.”  cool. thanks for the notice. so i get there around 640p. no choir. 7p, still no choir. 715p someone walks in and says, the format for the kids has changed. they will be here at 745p.  i’m sorry, what was that? 745? what the hell happened to 630?

745, no choir. 750, they are trickling in. 8pm they start.  wuh? i’ve been on the move since 545am and it’s now 8pm.

do not disrespect my time. ever.  you will be given a 15 minute grace period and then i’m heading out. trust.

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