moving forward

i took a big step this weekend. i enrolled in a week-long writing workshop that starts this summer.  the only writing workshop i’ve taken was a creative writing class seven years ago. i learned about the structure of a novel but i didn’t have an outline.  i finally have an outline (actually 2) and i’m taking the plunge to be in the company of other writers (novices, experienced and everything in between) for a whole week.

i’m crazy nervous but excited at the same time. i’ve never been to iowa and i’m a little freaked out about the new surroundings for a full week but i’ve dropped $560 on this and that’s just the beginning. this is my first step toward completing a novel and pursuing my goal of publishing my first book.

i keep my vision board in the living room and i look at it daily. last week was great as far as healthy eating. i’ve never consumed an entire spring mix from costco but i ate salads daily and ate the whole thing.  on top of that i’ve been in the workout room for the past few days sweating up a storm. desperately trying to get to my size beautiful.

last friday i held my first conflict resolution meeting with three team members and another manager.  after nearly a year in this role, it’s clear to me that leading a team is more than delegating and a title. it’s doing the tough stuff like giving constructive feedback, finding out what rings an employees bell, listening to your team and making sure each person is continuing to grow professionally.

my engine is gaining steam and i am moving ahead. not as fast as i’d like, but forward is the right direction.

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