after telling my coach that agency life and consulting firms are not for me, i applied for a job with an entity that is both. i love the idea of what they do (mobile app development) and the list of brands for which they work. BUT. yes, a but sandwich. am i ready to give up the relative comfort of a large organization with dental, vision, and profit sharing?  is this a chance i’m willing to take? i speak as though i have a job offer, which by the way, is the only way to speak. the deal is, with each position i apply for there are trade-offs. large vs small company, medical, dental, vision vs medical only, the possibility of profit sharing anywhere from 7 – 15% vs no profit sharing. so many things to think about.

the idea is choose wisely, choose well, and make damned sure that the next opportunity is comparable to or better than where i currently am. for me that equates to professional growth (learning new things), resume building (will my dream company give me a second look after seeing this 2-year stint on my resume), and of course more money.  some years ago i crossed the street for $3K more than i was making at a larger firm and for a smaller shop and twice the stress.  unwise choice at the time but it may well have set me up for where i am now, which isn’t all bad, but it ain’t all good either.

i’m learning to live with intention and act deliberately rather than leap from one lily pad to another only to find myself at a wall of rocks and have to leap back.

now that i’ve trumped myself up over a simple phone call, i’ll relax, grab a beer, and pursue the next thing.

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