where are the women?

as i watch project runway allstars i am struck by the fact that the three designers who mad it to the finals are male. then i look at the panel and there sits tommy hilfiger, Neiman Marcus fashion director Ken Downing, issac mizrahi. flashback to the regular runway show and it’s tim gunn and michael kors. scan the racks at your favorite department store and who do you see? calvin klein, kenneth cole, carlos santana, on and on. why is that men seem to design apparel and footwear for women better than women? shouldn’t women know women’s bodies? men are make-up artists, costume designers, fashion directors…where are the women?

what female designer creates menswear? and what about high level fashion positions at major retailers like neiman marcus? how many of those are held by women?

it just seems strange to me that women aren’t running the fashion scene and defining what looks good on women. perhaps this is an opportunity.

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