aches and pains

i’m doing my best not to panic about my pending dental appointment but… now that i’m chewing on the left side i’m noticing sharp pains. makes me think there is decay somewhere else that has gone undetected.

i’ve noticed that the nail bed on each big toe is split, horizontally about a quarter include across the nail bed. how the hell did that happen?

hair…one side is much shorter than the other. i had it colored a few weeks ago and damn if i don’t have two greys popping out dead center of the hairline right in front. yep, time to braid it up. thank God for a new braider and an upcoming appointment.

silly complaints, i realize. i look at this face, these feet, this hair every day and think, shit, is this what growing old is like?

i was out last night talking with two parents and one who might be 44, said “i was flashing and I had to sit down!”  the two women shared hot flash stories much to my horror. they looked at me and one said, “see what you have to look forward to?” fantastic. slower metabolism (it’s crawling now), menopause. the best thing about growing older will be that my skin will hold up and i’ll look younger than i am. as i was told by a friend the other night, Black women have to spend time and money on hair, white women have to spend time on their skin. she’s not even 35 and gets botox injections. we laughed about the fact that you could line up road hard Black women and white women of the same age and the white women will look old, weathered, and wrinkled. she’s right. so to sum it up, i might be bald but i’ll have great skin. beautiful.

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