out of towner

what i look like here is NOT what i look like in real life. here i look like a camper. shapeless tops, mid-thigh and knee-length shorts, with silver and blue Asics that almost never match my outfit. i would be arrested immediately by stacey and clinton. and in truth, by myself. to see me, walking uphill, rivers of sweat rolling from my synthetic hairline down my cheek, swatting at the drops like  mental patient, thinking an insect is crawling down my cheek. cresting the hill i finally take a breath because while climbing i could not, physically impossible, suck in enough air and expand my lungs. i will have to post a picture so you can see just how treacherous this hill really is. seriously. i’m sure i heard a manual transmission whining as it attempted to pull itself and a carload of passenger up this mountain. ok, i’m exaggerating.

despite the oppressive heat, i am thankful for the flashing red “don’t walk” hand so i can stand in the narrow shadow of the light pole, catch my breath, whipe the sweat with the back of my hand and simply, breathe.

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