patience is a virtue

that i do not possess. for the past 6 weeks i have been host, recycle genie, listener, job coach, employment office and a host of other roles i never imagined i’d play. i’ve thought that there is something to this, a reason for the aggravation. today pastor said, god is taking you through a process to position you for blessing. what? see i’m the type that looks for signs in clouds, cereal bowls, and songs on the radio. so when he said that i leaned in. i know that extending myself is the right thing but considering i’m complaining about it, it’s hard to imagine a blessing is around the corner.

i attended a women’s conference last week and one of the speakers talked about renewing our minds. she said that we have the power to change our lives just by the way we think. i attending a musical last night and just before i left my head was pounding. a sudden throbbing headache. i thought about what the speaker said, that we cause sickness and distress in our bodies with what we choose to think about. i had been brooding over a series of issues, seething in fact, and i think the manifestation was a horrible headache. i got home, laid down and made a concerted effort to “think on these things” and my headache dissolved.

there will always be stress, people, situations that try my patience but the key is how i choose to respond.

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