look at this fool

so the book title, “look at this fool” has more material than i could ever imagine. the latest in a line of fools is “the sheik” who made his presence known via a social media site. we worked at the same company before he joined the company i’m at now. he asks me to take a walk, i agree and over the course of 30 minutes he tells me about his ex, the band he plays with, his DOB, and the fact that he is shy. he lets me know he has seen me many times; he is nondescript and i have never seen him. the conversation was ridiculous, he told me he doesn’t believe in love or marriage, only emotion and friendship. he asked me if i had kids, or wanted kids, then tells me he could give me twins. WTF? again “look at this fool.”

a week or so later he pings and asks me to lunch. off we go. he tells me that his life is complicated, that he’s lonely, has few friends, and no one to talk to. talking to me made him happy. he asks if i’m interested in a long-term relationship and i say yes, that i don’t date and i don’t play. he says that’s not what he wants. then he launches into some nonsense about spring. ah, so you want a spring fling? your love is dragging. uh huh. back to work. look at this fool. in next chat he goes on about enjoying our conversations (there have only been 2…) and how he wants my friendship but he’s worried about telling me things that will cause me to cut him off. RED FLAG.

this fool told me that he wants a fling and i’ve told him, i’m not the one EVER. he talks about his culture and that he can have 4 wives. well then, you need to choose the right one from behind a veil or whatever you do in your country cuz THIS is america.  i’m crystal clear that there will never be an us or a we. he says he understands. but then proceeds to tell me how he likes my eyes and my lips. are you trying to catch a sista slippin? you would need about 6 more inches (in height friends) and a whole lot less drama and foolish talk.


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