the big reveal

the latest installment in the look at this fool series, this muthafucka is married. his conscience must’ve gotten the best of him because while on the phone with me, he starts itching around, hinting at this life he has. i said, did you commit a crime, like murder somebody? WTF? he says, no nothing like that. i just have a lot of baggage. uh huh. i keep pressing. he finally confesses that he has 5-year old twins. really. you had how many opportunities to tell me about these kids and your WIFE and you’re just now saying something? WTF is wrong with these men? i expect shit like this from brothas and whites. i’ve heard enough stories. but bangladeshi? are you crazy? who hides a wife and kids, flirts, is on the prowl for the ill na-na and when pelted with questions panics and spills the truth weeks later?

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