the sower and the reaper

while i don’t attend his church i am compelled to give to the campaign and “buy a seat.” i have been to this church many times, attending conferences, listening to podcasts, watching their streaming services and i am challenged and blessed every time.

as christians we really do have to put our faith into action. if i really believe that jesus is coming back for his church isn’t it incumbent upon me to invest in sharing that truth? and to actively tell others?

i have been writing since i was 8. i declared in my journal at 8 years old “i am a writer.” and finally, my first piece, 111 words is published. i was challenged by a faithful woman. faithful to her calling as a writer. she pushed, poked, prodded and helped me take a step toward my destiny, that which only God alone put in my spirit at 8 years old. she watered a seed that was planted in my heart before the world was formed. and now, i am reaping. my harvest is not yet an overflowing basket or an orchard, but trust, it is coming.

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