get it together

sigh. that’s what i’ve been doing for months, sighing. you can love your family but you can’t live their lives for them. in fact, i think we (i) have been in the way and my intervention is preventing members of my family from getting their shit together.  i confess, i am an enabler. i get involved in shit that i should let pass me by and then become virulently angry at how folks treat me. i’ve drawn a line in the sand, a verbal line telling all of them, THIS IS IT. don’t call, write, or send any proxies, carrier pigeons or telegrams asking me for another damned thing. next.

money doesn’t cause issues between people, poor decisions regarding money causes the issues. failure to make sound choices will result in repercussions that will impact others; if for no other reason than they feel badly for your situation.  a family member called the other day itching around. i knew the money request was coming so i preempted it. i guess folks think i shit golden eggs.

i’ve never understood people who do whatever they want and when they hit sharp rocks they cry for help and expect immediate responses. no regard to the effect they’ve had just an expectation to meet their needs. if that’s what it’s like to raise children then i’m glad i don’t have any. i’m sure there are times when having kids is truly a blessing but i’m finding that folks are generally selfish.

free yourself, stop concerning yourself with what others think you should have, be or do. just do you, within your means. if you can afford a lexus then by all means drive one. but if your money can only pay for a kia, then i don’t want to see you in a lexus and borrowing money every month. get your shit together and stop trying to floss. nobody cares and those who do are over-extended and trying to keep up with the broke-ass joneses.

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