who cares about you?

we are to focused on self. we over extend our bank accounts buying shit we don’t need, can’t afford, or both, then go to church and fall down at the altar begging GOD to send us a financial blessing. we don’t or haven’t shared the faith that got us this far because we’re so caught up in our drama. we live for self. we do for self. people tell me all the time how the message at church was on point because the pastor talked about how to get blessed. what about being a blessing? to those who are truly in need? what about giving to those who have lost jobs due to recessions, off-shoring, and mergers? instead we are bailing out folks who want to live like the lifestyles of the rich and famous when they’re poor and unknown. a week ago i learned that a friend’s coworker hung himself. many years ago the father of a very close friend hung himself in the garage. a ex-date of mine told me of a series of suicides in the small town where he grew up. these people were coworkers, students, friends, and yet they all felt that life wasn’t worth living. are we that disconnected from our coworkers, neighbors and classmates that one of them could be despondent and no one would know?  do we just not care? are our own issues so critical that we are unable to take 5 minutes to invest in someone else? i was in grocery store last friday and received a text message about a friend in ICU. her condition had worsened. i shared the text with my friend and the checker asked if i was open to telling her. i gave her the highlights and she offered to pray for my friend. right there, in the checkout line. we bowed our heads and she prayed for my friend to be healed. she didn’t have to but she took 2 minutes to care about a perfect stranger. what is it that causes one person to take 2 minutes and another not?  we have nothing to lose by listening to someone, giving them our attention, smiling at them, encouraging them. what we stand to gain is immeasurable.

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