3am musings

there’s a place within that’s hard to reach. it takes effort to find it (for the one who is willing to try) and once there, it takes courage (and a span of sevens) for access to be granted. once in awhile a curious soul attempts to find the hidden door beyond which lies generosity, loyalty, and love that will make even the strongest seaman sick.

it’s a space locked away long ago, filled with memories of what was and dreams of what can be. a life obscured by the trappings of the modern age, masquerading as something to be coveted. desires draped in layers of ambition, disappointment, doubt. few understand or appreciate this space because many are living a fabricated truth of their own creation.

there is a vulnerability within that feeds on the shadows. it’s rarely revealed because to do so means someone has penetrated a battle scarred armor thicker than the vault guarding the hope diamond. that which is valued is kept under lock and key, guarded by sentries who will not, under any circumstances, allow entry. they may, however, direct the intrepid to a tiny viewing window allowing a glimpse of the greatness that lies inside.

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