renew your mind

i tore my house apart this morning searching for a notebook. i have scribblings all over the place. journals, scraps of paper with phrases, passwords jotted on post-it notes. i panicked because i couldn’t find the notebook. where the fuck did i put it? what else is in it? i spent at least an hour scouring my office, desk, closet, bookshelves. finally i settled down at my laptop and opted to do the simple thing: click forgot password.

sometimes the path to simplicity is to be still. to do what you know to do. to discard panic and embrace calm. to tell yourself there is a solution for every problem and what you are facing is *not* a problem. there is power is self-talk. in writing your own affirmations. in reminding yourself of your greatness. of not allowing any external or internal force to erect a barrier to your progress.  if we were honest, we would admit we create obstacles to our own success.

more often than i care to admit, my perspective is “what’s the worst that can happen?” rarely (if ever) is my question, “what’s the best that can happen?” if i ask for that position, if i schedule that meeting, attend that event, speak that truth, what is the best outcome? i don’t ask that because i am conditioned to expect the worst (rejection, ridicule, disappointment). my memory recall scans the database of events and returns all the things that didn’t work out, the plans made that failed or the times i tried something new and things didn’t work out as expected. here’s the deal: disappointment and failure will happen. the response is to rebound and relaunch faster each time. to shake it off, find the lesson, and try again.

sisters, your greatness is just beyond uncertainty, around the corner from doubt, a step past surrender. when we release old patterns of thinking and ways of behaving we cut new pathways in our minds for creativity, hope, and light to be born.

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