PIMP certification

recently an email from a senior leader was sent to several of the staff and in it i was referred to as “project management support” for a white colleague who brazenly stated that he is “not a project manager.”  Support. Me. The one with the certification. The one with 15 years of experience in the […]

gold in them hills

i am often on back-to-back calls with only the noon hour free leaving me little time to eat or gather myself before the next hour of inane chatter, accountability dodging, and rounds of stump the dummy.  last week was no exception.  on this particular day i dashed to my third conference call of the morning […]

afro twins activate!

i have bad days too. i’m not sure what vibe i give off, perhaps the smile people have come to expect me to wear leads them to believe that every day is butterflies and roses. friday was not that day. i was racing to a meeting, ill prepared, and ran into a colleague. because i […]

fire prevention

we are arsonists.  that’s a phrase i heard from an executive at a company for  which i once worked.  he was right.  we create our own issues, problems, troubles, and when the flicker becomes an inferno we call in the fire department to douse the flames. senior executives are masterful at creating such chaos. candles […]

setting the tone

“I had been the only black woman in enough drawing rooms and boardrooms to have an inkling of the chutzpah it took…”  Prologue Hidden Figures page XV. I was 37,000 feet in the air cruising over Iowa when I read that.  I smiled and quickly penned this entry.  SBF. The only. Single isn’t just “not […]

failing big

Sunday pastor talked about Paul’s thorn in the flesh. He said your thorn may be your family, an illness, financial. I left service thinking, what is my thorn. And true to form, I ruminated over it, hamsters running, wondering what is my thorn. Never did I stop and think, just ask God. So today. I […]

wheel of…

“good luck.” two simple words in the subject line of the email.  i giggled.  yep. luck is what is needed. she sees it as do i. as we both listened to the nonsense bandied about today, she clicked off those 8 letters via her blackberry and swished out of the room. having worked with her […]

the early bird does the work

really? second day of the fundraiser and once again i’m the first to arrive.  me, the one who is never early or on time especially when the arrival time is 730am.  and the captain and co-captain were late on both days.  seriously? monday it was, i’ll be there by 740a. today it was, traffic is […]