wheel of…

“good luck.” two simple words in the subject line of the email.  i giggled.  yep. luck is what is needed. she sees it as do i. as we both listened to the nonsense bandied about today, she clicked off those 8 letters via her blackberry and swished out of the room. having worked with her long enough i know she’s watching her former employee struggle like a beetle on it’s back, little legs wiggling, desperately trying to flip itself over and scurry into the safety of the grass.

sometimes people are promoted or appointed to roles for which they have neither the skill nor the temperament to handle. in the face of the current belligerent but effective leader,  management spun the wheel of misfortune and it landed on “taz.” who is taz? taz is scattered, ineffective, and manages through cronyism.

watching taz over the past few weeks has been both frustrating and humorous.  paralyzed at the thought of making a decision, taz sequesters various members of her new team into conference rooms and asks for advice. if taz were to ask me, I’d say, “resign, you’re in over your head.” maybe that’s why i’m not on the dear abby list.

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