i can’t breathe

“mama said there’d be days like this there’d be days like this mama said” today reminds me of the day after the ferguson decision. when white cops were once again absolved of murdering yet another unarmed black man. this is not a debate about the guilt or innocence of michael brown (accosted by police and […]

those women

i started a post a few days ago about colorism and what i perceive to be the destruction of our personhood as black people, but i was distracted by a more pressing issue that i am fighting through: justice over fear. at the age of 34 my mother was married with 5 kids. she told […]

bikini wax 101

in prep for my trip to belize in celebration of HBD2ME, i decided, to hell with shaving, i’ll get myself a bikini wax. i asked a colleague for a recommendation and she shared her preferred studio. i had done some research and the menu was extensive. full brazillian, landing strip, butt strip, on and on. […]

no limits

lately the phrase, “no limits,” has been ringing in my head. i mentioned it to a friend and shortly thereafter i stumbled upon a message by the same title. in it pastor gordon banks said, there is no limit to what we can do in CHRIST. JESUS is the pin to our bank account and […]

enemies of progress

i shared last week that i am in counseling and i truly believe that when i made the decision to seek help, to be vulnerable and transparent, that the hounds of hell were unleashed. these are the internal whispers, the mental taunts, the unseen forces that prevent me from pursuing my gift due to self-doubt. […]

mental health matters

this past february i reached out to a therapist. i did a google search, scrolled past a few faces and her smile, name, and afro spoke to me. i emailed her and told her i realized i need help and she told me that was a big first step and that i could call to […]

it’s been a minute

so i’ve been away for awhile living, struggling, battling on all fronts. then tonight i gave in and watched brene brown, the call to courage. as she told the last story about the dread her daughter felt as she prepared to swim the 100 yard breaststroke, how she considered skipping the heat, but showed up […]

we’ll see

sitting here musing. thinking. reminiscing. wanting to make things clear. to sit across from him and share a piece of my truth. to tell him how i feel, felt, what i wanted that never was and how that changed who i became, am becoming. how do you tell a stranger that he struck a chord […]

believe them

after watching bird box, an odd film on netflix, a male friend of mine messaged me and said, i can easily see you naming your kids boy and girl so as to not get too attached. radio silence. i was taken aback at his declaration of fact and fired back, when i am insulted i […]

where is your faith?

the bible says, “the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.” i’ve always thought of that scripture in terms of the tangible: finances, relationships, job, but it came to me so clearly that the devil has stolen bits of my faith with each passing year of dreams deferred. i was never much of a believer […]