looking fabulous and negative

so i may have mentioned that my account is overdrawn and has been since last week.  how the F that happened i do not know.  i was all set to meet a girlfriend at the taste of dallas when i checked my account and found that i was $50 in the hole.  my secondary account was nearly drained as well.  i was sitting on my sofa at 9am, decked out in my michael kors giraffe print dress, reviewing my financial condition,  looking fabulous and negative.

i ping my friend and make up some story:  “yea the maintenance light is on in my car and i really need every spare penny to get that fixed.  sorry.”  the cold part about is that i wasn’t lying.  the maintenance light IS on in my car and i DO need every spare penny to get it fixed.  i later tell my sister who offered her single word of support,  “damn.”

i let the day pass and ping another girlfriend of mine who offers to let me hold some cash until payday.  the cold part about it is that we just talked about this very situation over pizza and beer the week prior.  she really was my angel that day.  but damn if i didn’t deposit the money (not chump change mind you) that day only to find it didn’t pull be into the black.  no, i was still facing a $17.95 deficit.

now the bank is kind enough to tell you, if you don’t make a deposit in the next few days to cover the negative balance, we will hit you with yet another overdraft fee in the amount of $35.  now, with a series of $35 hits, how the F can ANYONE pull themselves across the line and into the black?

beyond that, i’m too damned old to be juggling bills like a circus clown.  i did that shit in my 20s.  i’m staring 40 in the face – well, it’s a little ways off – and from what i can see, it ain’t gonna be a smooth transition.

i’m telling you, it’s rough out here as a single woman.  i can’t speak for everybody else but i can say for me, this shit is wack.  i’m tired of busting my ass daily at the j-o-b, putting up with all manner of political sewage, toxic personalities, and professional passive aggressors.  i deal with much nonsense on the daily only to come home to an empty apartment, an overflowing recycle bin, laundry tumbling out of the dryer, badly wrinkled and in need of folding, and a lone jar of pepperocini’s in the refrigerator.

something’s gotta give.  soon.

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