so it really kills me that this apartment complex sticks a lease renewal letter in my door in mid-july telling me i have until july 31 to renew at this “great rate.” i contact them last week telling them i have an effing job so i cannot drop in during the week to sign the lease but i’ll come by on saturday.  i find out that my “choices” are: sign a 16-month lease (one more month than your prior lease) at a $20 increase per month OR find another place to live.


is that a deal? am i supposed to be happy about my “choices”?  and how old boy was trying to sell me that load of crap.  you “get to lock-in” for 16 months and your rent won’t increase.  really.

last year’s song and dance was:  we’re now charging everyone for garbage pick-up.  what was once elective is now $10 per month (up from $5 when i moved in 3 years ago) on top of your monthly rent + a $10 increase.  uh, i don’t need trash pick-up.  i can and have been walking my happy ass over to the trash bin.  what i need is an effing recycle center on premise.  so this year, another rent increase of $20 + the trash charge of $10 and ZERO options in terms of lease agreements.

i never thought i’d say this but:  i miss portland.  i miss my 3-bedroom townhouse with my attached garage and small community of neighbors.  i miss the easy access to public transportation and the eclectic neighborhoods and shops.  i miss home.

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