seek HIS truth

I’m watching OWN – Our America with Lisa Ling and here’s what I’m hearing.

“I have chosen to live my life through the filter of my faith, rather than the filter of my sexuality.” – what a powerful statement by a leader within Exodus International.  He also said the struggles he has “aren’t any different than that of any other married man.”  He said, “I didn’t say homosexuality is wrong, God did. It is less than God’s best for us.”  Wow.  Why don’t we hear this message from gay rights organizations?  Why do we instead hear, “you must accept that God made me gay?” And beyond that, why don’t we realize that what God has for us is better than anything we choose for ourselves?

Why is the gay conversation about acceptance instead of transformation by the Holy Spirit?  Is it because people do not believe the Holy Spirit is real?  Because people have created their own God?  Because the God of the Bible is too rigid for what we, the populace, want to do?

Another quote I felt was profound from a 26-year old gay man who is part of Exodus and indicated he is a virgin:  “Sexuality is not the core of my identity.  If I die a single, celibate man, so be it.”

We are so screwed up when it comes to sex, sexuality, love and marriage.  We rely on our personal opinions, which are unstable as water, instead of CHOOSING to rely on THE STANDARD that the Lord has created for us, His holy Word.

Is it any wonder we celebrate shows like “the Bad girls Club” where 20-something females wear mini-dresses showing as much flesh as possible and fight each other?  Or shows like Real World where 20-something males and females have sex with each other or people they met in a bar?  Then we wonder why the nation is riddled with angry women, discarded by “men” (in quotes because a real man, Godly man wouldn’t leave his kids) who got what they wanted (sex) and dropped the woman after getting it.  Her, and the baby she was carrying.

This is not merely my opinion, this is reality and things I have witnessed firsthand.  And frankly, it’s a shame, particularly when we have a standard to follow that will help us live an abundant life, yet we discard the truth for a lie.  Sad.

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