The Adventure Begins

July 13, 2011

My Parisian journey has begun!  I had so much anxiety about this trip.  Financial anxiety.

I clearly don’t understand exchange rates cuz what I saw online a few days ago was…light bulb moment.  accurate.  1 EUR = 1.4 USD which I mistook to mean losing 40 cents on each dollar. Well. $300 = 181 EUR.  Gulp.  Our hostel i s188 EUR a piece.  Wait, is that right?  36×4=…carry the 2…144.  Jesus.  I’ve been off on my multiplying this entire week.  THANK YOU JESUS!  i have just enough to cover our hostel (my portion) and the 9 EUR to ride the train.  Woo hoo!

The other PRAISE REPORT is Joaquin called me this afternoon to tell me he’ll pick me up at the train station.  Yippie!  I mapped it last night but since he arrived today he’s scouting, collecting, maps and will pick up his dizzy travel companion.  Tell me that God wont’ work our EVERY detail.

Paris: a view from Sacre Couer

Jenell warned/stated that the devil is a liar trying ot distract and disrupt. But greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.

I’m so grateful to the Lord for giving me such wonderful friends.  People who look out for me and guide me and teach me new things, expose me to new stuff and challenge me to try something diferent.

I was seated in a 2 person seat on the aisle – no storage under my seat.  Who knew?  The youn gtraveler next to me is what they called an “unaccompanied.”  His speakers werent’ working so he moved.  I get these two seats to myself!  Yahoo!

My only challenge now is charging my phone.  It died while I was playing dominoes.  Oh well.  I will trust in the Lord and believe he will see to it that I successfully buy my train ticket and board RER B to meet jD.

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