Get a life

People who complain constantly have nothing to occupy their time. Every conversation is littered with all that is wrong in their lives and with others. Any attempt to introduce a postive bent to their monologue is futile. Yet these people wonder why no one wants to spend time with them. Why their family members don’t answer the phone when they call or don’t invite them over for dinner.  As my coach says, they have a low emotional intelligence.  No self-awareness.  Completely self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and selfish.

I am the unlucky recipient of two people who possess all previously stated characteristics. The cold part about it is that the rest of us commiserate which is like dig yourself out of a hole while someone else rains more dirt onto your head.

It’s not my place to explain to these socially inept people why no one wants to fool with them. I can only hope they recognize it before they run everyone away. Forever.

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