out of the mouths of babes

consider this: babies sleep without any difficulty. once they are fed, burped, and changed they drift off for hours, until the next wave of feeding, burping, and changing. the infant doesn’t have enough sense of presence to worry, to think am i going to be held? will i be changed today? what will i eat? where is mom? dad? they just, simply, rest. there is no consciousness of who will do for them, there is only implicit expectation.

Lord, give me the rest of an infant, without a worry or  care, because YOU are meeting my every need. when i cry, YOU respond. when i am hungry, YOU feed me, when i am thirsty, YOU provide water, when i need to be held, YOUR arms are wide open.

oh that we would have the heart, mind, and spirit of a child. perhaps that’s why He says that we must come to Him as little children. perhaps that’s why He referred to the Israelites as His children. the heart of a child is pure, curious, full of wonder and genuine love.

Lord, that is what i want.

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