grace and mercy

friends, when i mess up and spend what seems like hours ranting to a colleague about someone else who messed up, i must fess up. what a morning. mini fires burning throughout the work forest and i am not smoky the bear. while i’m trying to address these issues, tonka calls me. we go on and on about a myriad of issues within the team and then tonka says, did you have the call this morning? erh? call? yes, at 7am. were you on the call? erh? quickly check my calendar (which i checked last night and canceled an 8am call). oh hell no. nope, i wasn’t there. almost immediately i rip into the team. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE CALL ME? WHY DIDN’T THEY CARRY ON WITHOUT ME? WHY DIDN’T THEY FIND MY LEADER CODE AND START THE DAMNED CALL???

then tonka (another whisperer) says, let’s pray. i have just realized that we have been on a tear for quite some time and we need to pray.

THANK YOU JESUS. see friends, when you say you’re a christian but beat down those around you, the CHRIST in you will whisper, you are not representing me. and HE will convict you and say, who will want me if you continue to act like you?

so tonka prayed, i sent an apology and reschedule to the team and here i am sharing my folly, conviction, and repentance with you.

grace and mercy is freely given to me, so i must freely give it to others.

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