Success in your hands

I’ve been listening to Charles Stanley talk about success, God’s way.  He’s really been stomping around in my life.  I’ve been questioning whether or not management is what I want to do.  Do I believe I’m a leader.  Yes.  Do I want to lead in this crazy environment? No.  I wonder if I believed what other people said and allowed myself to get into management at this fool ass company when that’s not really my desire. but what is?  I feel like there are so many devils in that place, people who really don’t want to see me succeed and I think, why try?  when the odds are so clearly stacked against me in that place why bother trying to build a team?

But Charles says, don’t worry about who is against you, don’t quit, don’t give up, know that God has planned your success and He desires your success. I believe that’s true, I just wonder, how do I make it through each day?  Tension so thick it reminds me of growing up.  No team spirit, no collaboration, no “how can I help” just  bunch of individuals with their own agenda. And oh by the way, the company isn’t doing well either.

I daydream about resigning. About the company and position I will have. About the new team I will work with.  I want to work with people who are in it for the company’s gain, and not their own. People who want to help others.  A company with leaders: people who know how to rally their teams, how to cast vision, and how to influence others.  A company with managers: the tactical folks who get the job done.  These are the people who will pitch in and do the work of the team even though they have a “manager” title.

It’s coming. I must believe it is.

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