Be Grateful

It’s so easy to complain.  “It’s raining” or “It’s too hot outside” or “Gas is 3.78 a gallon!” If we stop to think of about the fact that we can FEEL the rain and the heat and that we HAVE a car to drive perhaps our complaints would cease. 

I was in a McDonalds and was just complaining about the rain. An elderly man walked up in line behind me and said, “do you know why the rain is more important than gold?” I said no. He said, “if you were in the desert and you have a glass of water or a glass of gold, which would you choose?  Water is life.” Then he talked about Jesus as the Son of God.

I often have curious visits like that from perfect strangers. Perhaps they are the angels the Bible says I will entertain.

This Christmas, let’s be grateful for what we have: health, sight, shelter, food, transportation, the ability  to walk and stand unassisted, jobs, friends, family. What’s on your grateful list?


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