questions but no answers

wth is up with the sheik? why is this man trailing me? why did he choose me? what does he want from me? is this another distraction like the last one? we don’t share the same faith, race, or culture. so what would make him want to pursue me? why do i feel like destruction […]

letting go

Get yourself together. So you learned that your ex is married and his one year anniversary is next month. Who cares? This should be a freeing experience. You can stop daydreaming that he’s going to call or show up in your city and vow his love for you. It’s truly over. Shit, it’s been 4 […]

24th street

i had a lovely conversation with d tonight. he said something very profound about forgetting the past.  he likened life to driving a car. there are distractions all around you, left, right, and behind. if you fail to look at what’s behind you, it just may cause you to wreck. but your focus remains on […]

celebrating singleness

i was invited to hear a pastor’s wife deliver a message especially for single women.  i missed out (dropped my gate opener in the bushes after i left the apartment gym; spent 15 minutes looking for it) but i can’t say that i’m crushed.  here’s why. it’s not that i don’t think i would have […]

not me

let me get right to the point. brothas:  if she’s good enough to sleep with, have a baby with, and live with, why is she not good enough to marry? sistas:  why do we willingly alter the course of our lives forcing ourselves to be stuck with some clown who isn’t worthy to breathe your […]