i don’t know the first thing about being “gluten-free.” fat free, sugar free, calorie free, yes, but gluten? we’re at dinner and i overhear one of the ladies say, “oh, she didn’t join us because she’s gluten-free. she has to prepare her own meals.” another other lady says, “so am i.  i manage to find […]

out of towner

what i look like here is NOT what i look like in real life. here i look like a camper. shapeless tops, mid-thigh and knee-length shorts, with silver and blue Asics that almost never match my outfit. i would be arrested immediately by stacey and clinton. and in truth, by myself. to see me, walking […]

cracking coconuts

is everyone thin? shapeless? skinny is one thing, lean even, but shapeless sticks gliding past like stilt-walkers? only one person had shape and i envied her. thighs that could crack coconuts. reminded me of the chick from boxing years ago. what was her name? white chick. another one. jesus. they’re everywhere, like ants at a […]

aches and pains

i’m doing my best not to panic about my pending dental appointment but… now that i’m chewing on the left side i’m noticing sharp pains. makes me think there is decay somewhere else that has gone undetected. i’ve noticed that the nail bed on each big toe is split, horizontally about a quarter include across […]


a good friend of mine is fond of saying ‘you worried ’bout the wrong thang.” i must agree that she is right. for two weeks i’ve had a dull ache in my lower right incisor (next to the molar for those who aren’t into teeth) and it happens to be one in which i had […]

stir up the gift

in today’s sermon pastor talked about “samson: the man who squandered his gift.”  pastor touched on other gifted folks (the late whitney houston, amy winehouse) who could be said to have squandered their gifts. after the Israelites had endured 40 years of oppression under the Philistines, the Angel of the Lord appeared to Manoah’s wife […]

Get a life

People who complain constantly have nothing to occupy their time. Every conversation is littered with all that is wrong in their lives and with others. Any attempt to introduce a postive bent to their monologue is futile. Yet these people wonder why no one wants to spend time with them. Why their family members don’t […]

Be Grateful

It’s so easy to complain.  “It’s raining” or “It’s too hot outside” or “Gas is 3.78 a gallon!” If we stop to think of about the fact that we can FEEL the rain and the heat and that we HAVE a car to drive perhaps our complaints would cease.  I was in a McDonalds and […]

Success in your hands

I’ve been listening to Charles Stanley talk about success, God’s way.  He’s really been stomping around in my life.  I’ve been questioning whether or not management is what I want to do.  Do I believe I’m a leader.  Yes.  Do I want to lead in this crazy environment? No.  I wonder if I believed what […]

The Adventure Begins

July 13, 2011 My Parisian journey has begun!  I had so much anxiety about this trip.  Financial anxiety. I clearly don’t understand exchange rates cuz what I saw online a few days ago was…light bulb moment.  accurate.  1 EUR = 1.4 USD which I mistook to mean losing 40 cents on each dollar. Well. $300 […]